Monday “Frost/Nixon” talkback with OW’s Schneider


Frost/Nixon co-director John DiDonna has just announced that a special talkback session will follow the Monday, April 22, performance of the show at the Lowndes Shakespeare Center. The guest will be Orlando Weekly’s very own me, discussing the perils and pitfalls of historical fiction. If you read my review of the play, you know I have serious problems with its presentation of certain events, which should make for one interesting discussion. Even better, Monday is industry night, ensuring an audience full of actors, directors and producers eager to learn why this pipsqueak mouse-pusher thinks he can dictate which plays should be performed and which shouldn’t. Or at least that’s the way I like to envision it, since my level of paranoia makes Nixon’s look minor-league. Be there or be a Dick! Get tickets from 407-328-9005 or HERE.