YOLO! Hop on your bicycle for the Cruising for a Brewzin' Bike Pub Crawl




Saturday, April 27 – Cruising for a Brewzin' Bike Pub Crawl

6 p.m. (ride leaves at 7 p.m. sharp)

meet at Lizzy McCormack's

55 N. Orange Ave.



You probably really are cruising for a bruising if you plan to complete an eight-bar pub crawl on your bike, but what’s that the kids say these days? YOLO? Right. So, bring your bike (and your drinking pants, the organizers suggest) and meet up with fellow cyclists at Lizzy McCormack’s, where you’ll embark on a ride in which athleticism isn’t enough to carry you through – every bar hosts a “challenge” involving beer and bikes. If you make it to the end in one piece, you’ll be treated to a show by Room Full of Strangers, who’ll perform at the final bar. Give thanks to the Orlando Bicycle Polo Club for leading the charge on this ride, and remember: Just because you can pop a wheelie sober doesn’t mean you’ll be able to do it drunk. – Erin Sullivan