Help the Guardian see the REAL Florida




Looks like another trendy traveler is looking our way to compose a road trip guide for other trendy travelers who are mystified by Florida's swamp-to-beach ratio. The Guardian chose Florida as the first state to experiment with for their Road Trips USA series where their journalists rely on Twitter tips from knowledgeable residents to help them successfully stay amused while navigating different states. You can tweet recommendations to either @AdamGabbatt or @GuardianUS or simply follow along with either account to benefit from the tips he accumulates for your next in-state road trip. His journey starts tomorrow, Monday, April 29, in Jacksonville, followed by Daytona Beach, St. Petersburg, the Everglades, Miami, and Key West. (Yeah, it seems he's skipping O-town. What gives, Adam Gabbatt, you got something against non-beach towns?)

If you're less interested in general state travel writing and more interested in what you might be missing out on right here in Orlando, you might discover places of interest in our Annual Manual. We go into select neighborhoods to offer dining, shopping and nightlife suggestions, as well as sharing a theme park guide, providing essential information for Orlando residents and divulging some secret spots for spur of the moment entertainment.