May 4 is Free Comic Book Day!




Saturday, May 4 – Free Comic Book Day

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We think it’s fantastic how everybody gets a custom-made holiday these days. Administrative Professionals Day, a recent upgrade in respect from the old Secretaries Day, happened just last week, as did Record Store Day, a day for those who see the value in an IRL (not iTunes/Pirate Bay) community of music lovers. And speaking of Record Store Day, this Saturday it’s time for another group of fanboys and -girls to celebrate their very own annual festival: Free Comic Book Day. (That’s right, free! They’ve one-upped you there, record stores.) Like Record Store Day, there are dozens of special titles released on Free Comic Book Day; unlike RSD, those titles are given away to the customers who swarm their local emporia of graphic-novel goodness. Consult to find participating local stores. May the 4th be with you! – Jessica Bryce Young