Local writers featured in Functionally Literate reading series




Saturday, May 11 – Functionally Literate

7 p.m.

Timucua White House

2000 S. Summerlin Ave.



Who hasn’t experienced that icicle-through-the-heart regret after learning you’ve barely missed a rare event like a Q&A with your favorite director or a workshop with your favorite artisan? Functionally Literate was prompted by the stumble-backwards realization that a group of invested writers and readers somehow overlooked the fact that a Pulitzer prize-winning novelist was in town. They’ve been actively making up for that oversight by inviting established authors like John King, a UCF composition professor and host of must-hear podcast “The Drunken Odyssey,” to speak at the quarterly event. The readings and talks are based around contemporary literature and meant to entertain as well as enlighten, allowing the audience to walk away with a feeling not dissimilar to re-emerging into society after finishing a really great book. May’s event features King, Philip F. Deaver, Enid Shomer and Monica Wendel as your keen panel of writers hoping to draw literary aficionados out of their individual circles and into a broader community of engaged readers. – Ashley Belanger