Clutch joins the Sword and Lionize for a live show at House of Blues




Saturday, May 11 – Clutch, the Sword, Lionize

7 p.m.

House of Blues

Downtown Disney West Side

Lake Buena Vista



If sheer sonic tonnage is how you measure a show, this mammoth lineup is worth its weight in lead. First, headlining cult legends Clutch always lay it down thick, but this time should kick especially hard. Directly inspired by tours with Motörhead and Thin Lizzy, their latest album (Earth Rocker) trims the jam fat and delivers a chunky, stoned blues-metal bouillabaisse with unusual straightforwardness and blunt force. Likewise, Austin, Texas, metal saviors the Sword, who slay live, are also back on the lean-and-hungry track. Rounding out the burly roster is Maryland’s Lionize, whose fat, greasy, dub-touched blues-rock is so legitimately hefty that it’ll make you smack in the mouth anybody who dares call them a jam band. Though the three bands come from distinctively different corners, their heaviness unifies them. And, collectively, they constitute a refreshingly diverse and less-than-obvious bill that will rock your guts. – Bao Le-Huu