I'm Every Woman: Sick-time advocates send Mother's Day video to Gov. Rick Scott appealing for pre-emption veto



In the spirit of Mother's Day (which is this Sunday, deadbeats), the sick-time advocates behind a current petition effort aimed at getting Gov. Rick Scott to veto HB 655 – the anti-local-control, anti-sick-time measure passed by the Florida House and Senate last week – have put together a YouTube video of their own iteration of Whitney Houston's "I'm Every Woman." It's mostly mother's pleading for a veto in lieu of flowers, but there are some cute kids, too. The petition, it should be noted, already has more than 8,600 signatures (more than double the number a similar petition that resulted in the governor vetoing a contentious alimony bill last week), and, not surprisingly, some of those signatures are coming from Republicans. SMALL GOVERNMENT! Anyway, the group hopes to send more than 10,000 signatures to the governor's desk (You can sign here).

Here's the video.

[youtube NqctUYbFVeY]