Abdomen Canvas headlines Backbooth's Heavy Metal Juggernaut night




Tuesday, May 14 – Juggernaut: Abdomen Canvas Comeback Show

with Motivated by Silence, Tales of Massacre

10 p.m.


37 W. Pine St.




Recently we’ve experienced too much bravado from the très brutal bands in local metal shows. But our final sigh has been halted, and we are ignited anew at news that Abdomen Canvas returns to the stage for the weekly beat(down) at Backbooth: Heavy Metal Juggernaut. Every time Abdomen Canvas plays we always expect calamitous, crowd-capturing, cooked-to-order metal delivered with neck-punishing speed, skin-clattering vocal work and superior half-time tact that differentiates them from their peers. This quartet, formerly and hopefully soon again to be a quintet, exhibits two qualities we see all too seldom working simultaneously in a newer death metal act: respect and poise. Joining their eager return is the well-balanced, havoc-wrought Motivated by Silence and fledgling braggadocios Tales of Massacre. Juggernauts have a habit of swelling into munificent beer-guzzling bashes conveniently recurring on service industry (see also: hospitality professional-friendly) night. – Jared Oates Haggard