Nashville garage-rock band Natural Child tonight at Will's Pub




Monday, May 20 – Natural Child

with the Woolly Bushmen, Golden Pelicans

9 p.m.

Will's Pub

1042 N. Mills Ave.


Drugs, drinks and hookups can be compelling reasons to get out and have a good time, and Nashville garage-rock band Natural Child know that all too well, condensing those stimulants into one powerful concoction with lyrics that translate as skulduggery, tricking you into having a sordid good time. Let’s be real, though – their latest album, Hard in Heaven, is their best work yet, especially the title track, which slows down the hard living and lets you in to that dark introspection where leading such a crazy life inevitably dead-ends. But this is hardly the end for this talented yet squalid band who are constantly rollicking between touring and recording, having released a new 7-inch, Nathan’s Blues, in March, which includes “C.R.S. Blues” – straightforward blues-rock with lines delivered in that expected cadence that dejectedly drops off before finishing the thought. It’s a timeless way to sing to those who have met defeat, and haven’t we all? So, strap in and let’s rally. – Ashley Belanger