Short Film Friday -- Stay Safe from the Weather with A New Sugar Man b/w Girls & Dolls


The Pirate of Love (English & Iclandic w/ English Subtitles) Dir: Sara Gunnarsdóttir Runtime: 10m KarolinaFund page The fuzzy origins of a self-recorded CD by a Canadian man known only as Daniel C. is traced through hearsay and rumor in this 10 minute, partially animated documentary short. The film gives us a short ride through the songs as the gossip and speculation about the lyrics gets more and more wild.  The Pirate of Love has an absurd Searching for Sugar Man feel to it, both in the particulars of the story and the animation segments. But beyond that, the music does actually have something to it. Something along the lines of what the Langley Schools Music Project or Parenthetical Girls have going for them: there is an awful lot of harmony and soul in that offbeat, discordant arrangement. Check the funding page for an update on the story and read about why you should kick in a few bucks for the sequel.


Alma Dir: Rodrigo Blaas Runtime: 5m An oldie but a goodie. When a little girl sees a doll that looks exactly like her in a shop window, she can't resist the temptation to go inside. Blaas, a former Pixar animator, was supposed to be doing a feature version of the film to be produced by Guillermo del Toro but I haven't heard anything about it in a long time. IMDb has a date of 2015, so we'll see.