No offense: Comedy Central's Daniel Tosh brings his June Gloom Tour to Bob Carr




Tuesday, June 25 – Daniel Tosh

7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre

401 W. Livingston St.



Just when we thought that Orlando was perhaps missing out on its share of racial slurs and fart jokes, comedian Daniel Tosh (of Tosh.0 blog and TV fame) decides to swing by our very own Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre and give us all a much-needed dose of gag-inducing laughter. Comedy Central’s favorite self-proclaimed asshole comes by way of the June Gloom Tour, exciting the likes of seventh-grade boys to horny moms and everyone in between. No matter your race, religion or creed, you can be certain that Tosh will likely offend you in some way or another, probably with jokes about infants, bodily humor or Mormons – sometimes all three. With two Orlando showings of his standup routine, you have double the chances to liven up your Tuesday night. Disclaimer: You might want to leave grandma at home for this one. – Lauren Killer