New Matt Pond video "Hole in My Heart" showcases Orlando nightlife




As those who frequent Mills/50 and/or the Redlight Redlight neighborhood may have observed, earlier this year, indie artist Matt Pond did a sort of residency (if you will) in Orlando, cherry-picking some talent that has carried some great local bands (notably, the Pauses, Saskatchewan, Great Deceivers) and ultimately taking them on the road with him. But it seems that while he was in town, he also took some time to get to know not just how our indie music scene gets down but also how Orlando as a city works it out in terms of nightlife and the sort of experience that I personally have had in Orlando: late-night bike rides, visits to Mills, dogs in bars, crazy people downtown. And he condensed that experience into this seriously wonderful tribute to his time spent here, in the form of a music video for his song "Hole in My Heart" from his new album The Lives Inside the Lines in Your Hand (our review here!), which you can view below:

And while Orlando musicians are supercute enjoying their town, I have to give the biggest nod to the Pauses' guitarist Jason Kupfer who directed the video and whose film work I've admired as much as his songwriting (and almost as much as his beanie!). I could link you to the Pauses videos I love most, each with a better concept than the last, but instead if you have an Xbox or Roku, I'd most recommend tracking down his short horror film The Sleuth Incident, which is unforgettable and the most delightfully disturbing footage of a teddy bear that I have ever seen. Here's the trailer.