Short Film Friday - Supervision Sucks




Two Cars, One Night

Dir: Taika Waititi 

Runtime: 11m

This super charming short by the director of Eagle vs. Shark is about two kids stuck waiting in their parents' cars during a night out at the bar and their slow approach to friendship.  His new film, Boy, is finally out on bluray this coming Tuesday.


Me and You (in Hebrew with English subtitles)

Dir: Heidi Berg, Doron Dor 

Runtime: 4m

(Source: House of Shorts)

This fleeting short about a girl who sees her doppelganger while dreaming played at Cannes last year. Is it her sister? Is it another version of herself? The only thing that is clear is that the doppelganger is not as good as she is at the games they invent.


Neighborhood Watch

Dir: Mike Carlo

Runtime: 3m

(Source: Cartoon Brew)

Stupidity and the neighborhood watch is in the air in Orlando, just as it is in Mike Carlo's (Superjail!) new short.