Short Film Friday: Existing Is Tricky


The Raftman's Razor Dir: Keith Bearden Runtime: 8m (Source: Sundance) Fifteen-year-old Stuart and his best friend Jesse spend an idle summer thumbing the pages of an comic book featuring a man in a raft adrift at sea with only a pearl-handled razor for company. This SXSW and Seattle International Film Festival winner has a very Adventures of Pete & Pete  feel to it, but it picks up more on the existential aspects of the second greatest television show ever rather than the quirky outer layer.


When the Tide is Out Dir: Xaver Xylophon Runtime: 5m Loneliness abounds in this short but sweet animation about a musician wandering an empty city.


Codefellas (Episode 1) EPs: David Rees & Brian Spinks Runtime: 3m John Hodgman ("I'm a PC") lends his voice to this hilarious short rotoscoped comedy series about CIA agent Henry Toppple and his protege Nicole Winters (aka "Pam", voiced by Emily Heller). Don't think, just hit play and then continue on with the series.