The suds are getting to your head: Beer labels in motion


We've reached the most-dreaded point in the summer when you step outside in Orlando for one split-second and you're immediately dripping with sweat. That time of year when you're in dire need of keeping cool - otherwise you encounter face-melting swathes of humidity. Cranking down the A/C and holing up in a dark living room might be one option to beat the heat, but we suggest a better way to survive the summer: Stock up on (and guzzle down) some ice-cold craft beers. Luckily for you, we featured a collection of refreshing "Beers of summer" in our Endless Summer issue back in June. Both the summer heat and a few rounds of brews can lead to you seeing all types of misleading mirages. That's why we thought you'd enjoy these cleverly animated beer labels we found on the Beer Labels in Motion tumblr. If nothing else, you can stay cool by browsing through these animated beer photos on your smart phone or laptop in the comfort of your home office, or neighborhood coffee shop, or community pool. Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA Served up next: Heady Topper heady topper Heady Topper Served up next: Ruination IPA

ruination ipa Ruination IPA Served up next: Yeti Imperial Stout

Yeti Imperial Stout Yeti Imperial Stout To check out more animated beer labels, visit the Beer Labels in Motion site. You can also follow Trevor Carmick on Twitter @beerlabelmotion.