Short Film Friday: We're All Lost


Closing Time Dir: Brian De Vore Runtime: 12m The night they graduate from university, David and Sophie walk the rainy Amsterdam streets while wondering what comes next. This is a superior short film, and the writer-director Brian De Vore, as well as the leads Pepijn Schoneveld and Loek Beernink, have talent to burn.


Superflat Monogram Dir: Takashi Muakami, Mamoru Hosoda Runtime: 5m Summer Wars and The Girl Who Leapt Through time director Mamoru Hosoda helms this wild Digimon-esque short for Takashi Murakami, made for Louis Vuitton.


Van Gogh Shadow Dir: Luca Agnani Runtime: 3m (Source: Cartoon Brew) Vincent Van Gogh's paintings come to life in this short from Luca Agnani. It's either wonderful or blasphemous, but I tend to think its wonderful.