TorrentFreak: Grooveshark put on Google's piracy blacklist


It's been a while since we've seen any interesting news about Grooveshark, the Gainesville-based online music-streaming service that's been under fire for allegedly infringing on the copyrights of untold numbers of artists for allegedly distributing music it doesn't own the rights to. The site allows its users to upload songs directly to its servers. The songs are then made available to anyone who wants to listen to them for free with no strings attached – there’s no obligation, no need to download software, no need to sign up for the service.

In April, after weathering lawsuits and bad press (Grooveshark founder Sam Tarantio told Mashable that 2011 and 2012 were like "getting punched in the face 10,000 times), Grooveshark revealed new features – user-created radio stations, an HTML5 player – to keep up with its competition.

But this week, TorrentFreak reports that Grooveshark is being dealt yet another blow due to its reputation as a safe harbor for music piracy. Google, apparently, has added the site to its piracy blacklist. Domains affilated with illegal downloads are filtered from Google autocomplete searches. Currently, typing "grooveshar" into Google leaves you with this result:

Ah, yes, 'groovesharpener.' That's what I was looking for.
  • Ah, yes, 'groovesharpener.' That's what I was looking for.

Ah, yes, 'groovesharpener.' That's what I was looking for.

A regular search for "music streaming" or "grooveshark" does turn Grooveshark up at the top of the list, though, so they haven't been downgraded or completely blacklisted. Still, TorrentFreak says, search traffic for Grooveshark went into steep decline between the months of April and July, presumably due to being filtered out of autocomplete search results. For more information, read TorrentFreak's complete story here.