First Photos from Inside Springfield USA's Duff Gardens at Universal Studios Florida



As predicted, the bulk of Springfield USA opened to guests of Universal Studios Florida this morning. While the Kang & Kodos spinner ride remains under wraps for a few more days, construction walls in front of Duff Gardens overnight, revealing Bumblebee Man's taco truck, the Lard Lad donut shop, and several Simpsons surprises.

Here's a gallery with some of the first photos from inside the brand-new expansion:

I give two thumbs up to the Korean BBQ and carne asada tacos with tender & well-seasoned meat.

The donut sundae is NOT recommended for breakfast...

Chief Wiggum's fire hydrant should soon squirt water.

The 7 Little Duffs are actual topiaries!

Duffman is in the house! is Millhouse...

Finally, you can see spinning character targets for the soon-to-open Kang & Kodos' interactive features are being installed.