Institute for Justice sends stern letter to city of Orlando re unpopular food truck pilot program


The rumblings of dissent over the city of Orlando's Food Truck Pilot Program just got louder — and spread outside city limits. We've written about this several times already, but new developments! The  Institute for Justice, a "national public interest, civil liberties law firm," just sent two letters chock-full of footnotes, legal case precedent, and statistics (if you like that kind of thing) to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and the Orlando City Commissioners, strongly urging the city to "reconsider" the recently passed food truck pilot program. As part of its National Street Vending Initiative, the IJ has challenged laws in El Paso, Chicago, Atlanta and Hialeah, FL, that "unconstitutionally restrict vendors' right to economic liberty." Sounds kinda Ayn Randy, but hey, if it means Orlando still gets to eat sushi, pastrami, empanadas and ice pops off a truck WHEREVER and WHENEVER they want to, we are all for it. Letter to Buddy on next page.

Letter to Orlando Mayor from Institute for Justice