NOT Coming Soon to SeaWorld: Banksy's Marine Mammal Amusement Ride



Photo copyright Banksy
  • Photo copyright Banksy

Photo copyright Banksy

Thanks to the Blackfish, the new cinematic exposé about SeaWorld's captive performers, the intersection between art, ecology, and entertainment is a hot topic right now. So it seemes an appropriate time to flash back a few years and reflect on an earlier, more in-you-face work of agitprop about abused marine mammals.

Back in the summer of 2010, at the height of the BP Deep Horizon gulf oil spill, infamous U.K. street artist Banksy surreptitiously installed this terrifying theme park attraction along the Brighton Pier, one of England's most popular resort areas. Similar to the coin-operated kiddie rides found outside supermarkets, Banksy's version made a clear political statement but juxtaposing a sad-looking dolphin with an oil barrel and ensnaring nets.

[youtube 4hjIuMx-N7c]

No word if the anonymous grafitti genius has a similar Tilikum-themed project in the works for SeaWorld Orlando...but don't hold your breath. Until then, here's another archival clip from his catalog with a recently-relevant local theme park connection: his scathing anti-corporate opening segment from The Simpsons.

[youtube DX1iplQQJTo]