Short Film Friday: ¡Adios Cortometraje Viernes!


(FYI: this will be a Monday post starting next week and will have a new name, since the name Short Film Friday is pretty common. I have a name in mind but it's really lame and I don't know if I can go through with it with a straight face.) ¡El Tonto!  Dir: Lake Bell Runtime: 8m In a World actor-writer-director Lake Bell brings her oddball sense of funny to this film about a lonely nerd (Kyle Mooney) travelling alone to Mexico City who makes an unexpected friend: a luchador named Solar. I say oddball sense of funny in the best possible way. It's disarming and delicate, almost the exact opposite of the Apatow school of comedy that we've gotten heaping helpings of over the last decade. Not that I don't like the Apatow school, I do, but it's welcomed fresh air and it makes me that much more excited for In a World. (There are no subtitles on purpose.)


Tumbleweed Tango Dir: Hydra Runtime: 3m Two balloon animals tango their way through a dangerous patch of cacti in this charming animated short.