Wish Will's Pub a 'Happy Birthday' this Saturday




Will's Pub has endured in Orlando where other bars and venues have failed, surviving relocation and a pause in service, most likely due to a devoted clientele who cherishes the venue for how the bar embraces local music, adopts shows other clubs reject and perhaps most simply, keeps things cheap every Monday for Low Dough. (Psst - you do know that Monday happy hour bartender Aaron makes free food for anyone who shows up, right? His nachos, tacos, hot dogs, etc., are top-notch, too, not some lazy crockpot ish.)

And after all these years - 18 to be exact - Will's Pub is still throwing excellent parties and attracting the best partners, including maintaining their classics like Southern Fried Sundays and welcoming new events like Residents showcases. So if you love Will's Pub too, you'll probably want to head out on Saturday, Sept. 7 to celebrate their 18th anniversary, where they say there will be giveaways and great local bands like the Legendary JC's and Thomas Wynn and the Believers. Party starts at 9 p.m., and you can keep up with any info updates by joining this Facebook event.

P.S. Later that same night, there's a quirky musical debuting at Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall starring none other than Uncle Lou himself ...