The Short Stack: Short films masquerading as music videos, part III (Arcade Fire, Pixies, White Lies)


Arcade Fire - "Reflektor" Album: Reflektor Dir: Anton Corbjin It's hard to gauge what the eight minute song is actually about without knowing the context of the double album's concept and without knowing what Regine is singing in French, but the fact that they've gone full new wave is exciting in and of itself. It's certainly a strange video, and the idea of reflection is may be a little too overplayed -- almost every second of the video is stuffed with some kind of reflection or reflective image (mirrors, broken CDs, water) or idea (the giant papier mache masks that we first saw in the Sprawl II video and what looks to me like a man in the mirror era Michael Jackson figure covered in mirrors) -- but the ambition on show is enough to justify it. The band also released an interactive multimedia video for the song at


The Pixies - "Indie Cindy" Album: EP1 Dir: LAMAR+NIK The story of a murder told backwards, then forwards, this is a little more like the old Pixies we knew growing up, though it's stark in its Kimlessness. Lyrically, stuff like "you put the cock in cocktail" is probably below Frank Black's standards, but the chorus, melody and outro really make up for any poor lyrics choices early on in the song.


White Lies - "Ritual"  Album - Ritual Dir: Colin O'Toole Comprised of the songs Bad Love, Holy Ghost, Bigger Than Us and Is Love from their album Ritual, the London trio take us inside the existential aftermath of some kind of heist, where three gun-toting crooks find themselves in an empty factory facing surprises that unravel their unity.