Watch seven short films from the Toronto International Film Festival


The 2013 Toronto International Film Festival is almost over by this point, but the Organizers have made a handful of films from their short film programs available on their YouTube channel this week. I haven't gotten around to watching any of them yet, but you don't often get to see festival shorts until a year or more after they've hit all of the big festivals. I hope more festivals follow suit.

**** SEASICK: Eva Cvijanovic's dreamlike pen-and-ink animation is a marvelous maritime escapade, enveloping viewers in a beautifully ethereal underwater world.

**** YOUNG WONDER: Fanboy fantasies spring to vivid life in this adventure into the imaginations of a pair of youthful playmates.

**** SPARLKING RIVER: A hermetic alpaca farmer and a young Chinese woman meet under surprising circumstances. As an errant tourist group ambles around his pastures, the farmer looks on, puzzled but unfazed by his unexpected visitors. This intriguing stereoscopic drama veers toward science fiction and mystery, but is ultimately best left undefined.

**** DAYBREAK: Director Ian Lagarde (Vent solaire) returns to the Festival with this invigorating look at the group of rebellious Montreal youths on the cusp of adolescence.

**** BEASTS IN THE REAL WORLD: Set in a conveyor-belt sushi restaurant, this genre-bending delight rolls documentary, science-fiction, and animation together to form a savory cinematic maki.

**** NOAH: In a story that plays out entirely on a teenager's computer screen, Noah follows its eponymous protagonist as his relationship takes a rapid turn for the worse in this fascinating study of behaviour (and romance) in the digital age.

**** OUT: A young man confronts his parents with a startling admission in Jeremy Lalonde's hilarious, vampiric twist on the traditional coming-out tale.