Listen to Steven Foxbury's amazing new song, written for our own Billy Manes




You guys—at least those of you who’ve been around these parts a spell—probably best know Steven Foxbury, aka Steve Burry, from his days fronting the Orlando pop-rock band My Friend Steve back in the late ’90s. (Click here to see their 1998 video for “Charmed,” featuring a rather enthralling Selma Blair.) After My Friend Steve ended, Steve moved to Pittsburgh, where he runs Yellow Couch Studio and occasionally plays with The Battle Sigh. You can also see him around town every now and again managing the extraordinarily talented 19-year-old troubadour Matthew Fowler. Steve is still producing really excellent acoustic music, which you can listen to on his Soundcloud page. His most recent track, the gorgeous “Billy’s Song,” was written for our own Billy Manes, about the struggles he’s experienced and discrimination he’s overcome in the year since his partner, Alan Jordan, passed away. It’s at once sad and inspiring and poignant and beautiful—yet another example of why Steve is one of the finest songsmiths to ever set foot in this city. Listen to it here: [audio mp3=""][/audio] Steve was also kind enough to pass along the lyrics:

They'll think of your pain/ Like they think of your love/ Like they're both something you just made up

And they'll spit when they speak/ Just to show their disgust/ But you just hang on, hang on

Some things never fade away/ Days begin and end on replay

You said something once/ And it haunts me today/ About how I'd be when you went away

Finally happy because I was sad/ But neither one knows either/ I'm just divided in half

Some things never fade away/ Days begin and end on replay

And hide around corners you'd forgotten you knew/ Just to reach out and shake you

Some things never fade away/ Days begin and end on replay