The Short Stack: Love is sooo hard, ugh


Bridget Dir: David Eisenberg, Kaela Wohl Runtime: 2:30 (Source: House of Shorts) Online dating is a strange world that can be even harder to navigate than the real world -- especially when all of the usernames ever are taken.


Cadaver Dir: Jonah Ansell Runtime: 7m A cadaver comes back to life after a medical student removes his heart during an autopsy, and convinces her to go on a roadtrip to see his wife one last time. The animated short features the voices of Christopher Lloyd, Tavi Gevinson and Kathy Bates.


Wonder Woman Dir: Sam Balcomb Runtime: 2:30 (Source: i09) Maybe Wonder Woman can work as a movie? There are some tough elements to translate to the screen, but Rainfall Films seems to have a good, if basically non-innovative, idea about it. Or to quote our old film editor, Justin, "If you wanted a WW exactly like every other superhero/fantasy actioner today, then yes, I suppose that could be done." (And then he proceeded to vomit and weep for the rest of the afternoon.)