For Reels Sunday Roundup -- Oct 20th, 2013



News, links, etc:

-Mental Floss somehow landed a feature length interview with Calvin & Hobbes creator Bill Watterson, who says he loves the Pixar style but never wants to see C&H animated. (Mental Floss)

-Searching for Disney World's dark side. (The Dissolve)

-“Was it very difficult, very complicated to film [Gravity] in space? Did the camera operators get sick?" (/Film)

-The Grand Budapest Hotel is going to be all kinds of ridiculously amazing.

-Read an excerpt about shooting The Royal Tenenbaums from Matt Zoller Seitz's comprehensive book The West Anderson Collection. (Vulture)

-Wait, wasn't George Lucas supposed to be completely removed from the new Star Wars Trilogy? I don't like this "guide" talk. (Moviefone)

-The first half of this sentence makes complete sense and then it falls apart: Michael Bay was attacked by a drug-crazed man wielding... an air conditioning unit? Are they smaller in Hong Kong? The one in my window weighs like 40 pounds. (THR)

-The question, "what is the best piece of optimistic science fiction?" is actually a tough one. There isn't too much out there that is both optimistic and well written/made. Close Encounters immediately comes to mind for me, but after that most of the best science fiction is about malicious aliens. I suppose Rendezvous with Rama might be considered optimistic in a way. (io9)

-Some new legal maneuvering in the Colorado theater shooting case. James Holmes has gone full neckbeard and it makes me want to punch him in the face even more than I already did. (THR)

-Look out for some new Ozu blurays in the pipeline from Criterion. (Variety)

-Netflix coming to your cable box? Maybe soon. (Tech Crunch)

-I was at a New Year's party with a guy who was complaining about setting up lights on a cramped airplane set for some Liam Neeson movie. I guess this is it?

-As someone who remembers Monkeybone, please let Coraline and James and the Giant Peach director Henry Selick go back making stop motion features before he does another live action. (The Film Stage)

-Nerd rage (probably) succeeds in getting Damon Lindelof to quit Twitter. (The Wrap)

-Check out a glimpse behind the scenes of a Pixar story meeting during Monsters University. (Vulture)

-Some of the cinema's most classic urban myths (from The Wizard of Oz, Back to the Future and more) -- debunked. (Mental Floss)

-Want to get back at the theaters for advertising? Buy more popcorn and eat it during the commercials. (BBC)