People Who Died 2013: Jane Henson





[At the year's end, Orlando Weekly reflects on the too-frequently unsung heroes who we lost over the year in our People Who Died issue. During 2013, this included a number of noted locals, so we've expanded our coverage to include online exclusive tributes to these much-missed folks. Keep an eye out for the full issue on stands and online Jan. 1.]

Jane Henson, mother of Orlando’s Ibex Puppetry founder Heather Henson and widow of Jim Henson, died in Connecticut April 2. Jane helped Jim create the first Muppets while they were in college and performed alongside her husband for years before retiring to raise their children; her puppet Nativity was performed locally last year. I interviewed Henson for Orlando Weekly when the Jim Henson Smithsonian exhibit visited the Orange County History Center in 2009, and found her witty and generous with her time.

Jane Henson Nativity Story airs Christmas Eve on CBS featuring Orlando talent

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