DJ Brian Dawe says relationship with Farrah Abraham was fake


A few months ago, we talked to local DJ and star of VH1's reality show Master of the Mix, Brian Dawe, about his work and his relationship with another reality-TV star, Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham. At the time, the tabloids were posting suspiciously staged-looking papparazzi photos of the couple walking around Lake Eola Park, nuzzling and looking cute.


When Dawe talked to us, he was a little cagey about the relationship, and basically told us that he thought that reality TV is exploitative:

Even though I’ve been on reality TV before, I think the culture of reality television, especially with younger people, is very damaging. The fact that MTV and Viacom exploit 16-year-old girls – it’s clear they don’t care about the long term or the mental health of these people, and it’s a travesty that they are willing to sacrifice integrity for entertainment. These young people, they get thrust out into the limelight, and that’s something that they have to deal with for the rest of their lives.

On New Year's Eve, celeb site Starcasm posted a story claiming that the Dawe-Abraham relationship wasn't real at all – it had been faked, at Abraham's request, so she would be able to appear in yet another reality TV show called Couples Therapy. Dawe says he backed out at the last minute. Today he posted the transcript of the Starcasm interview to his Facebook page, and in it, he says the only reason he considered doing it was for the money:

I was approached by Farrah Abraham to be in a "pretend relationship" with her so that she could be on a television show. Farrah got my number from my agent, who was also booking events and appearances for her. I went along with it originally because the network offered to pay me a substantial amount of money. Farrah told me to lie to the network and tell them the relationship was real. I hesitated, but reluctantly went along with it initially.

Over the past few days, Abraham's Twitter feed has been full of teasers about the new show, which she'll now appear on without Dawe at her side.



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