Hulu's new dramedy series 'Hotwives of Orlando' has fake boobies and jokes at our expense



As an I'm-happy-to-tell-you-I'm-gay man I am genetically predisposed to love things that are fabulous, self-deprecating, and pinktastic (check out that photo!), but there's something about the freshly announced new Hulu Original series, Hotwives of Orlando that gives me a fever that a cowbell can't cure.

Following in the bedazzled footy-prints of all the other 'INSERT BLANK here Wives from BLANK' series, this spoof embraces the format of the middle-America staple that is reality TV and regurgitates it as a glitter-covered hair-weave ball on your Jimmy Choos.

The show's going to follow a gaggle of ladies as they claw their way through their husbands' fortunes and one another's wardrobes, and the hilarity ensues! According to Comedian Paul Sheer, the mastermind behind this monument to feminism, the reason he chose Orlando was because "it's a perfect city that exemplifies trash." I can't wait to meet him!

This outlandish new series is coming to your laptops and handheld devices sometime this year. Yes that's vague, but they only just announced its addition to the 2014 calendar, so calm down, Mary.

But seriously ... check out the trailer, it's kind of funny