Jolly Ninjas marathon coming to Ivanhoe Village on Saturday



Seems like there's a 5k, half marathon or race for everything these days. Now there's a race coming to town that's hoping to attack one Orlando neighborhood with kindness, and it's called the Jolly Ninjas marathon. Here's the takeaway:
We all know exercise is a drag, despite the benefits. So let's make it a little more fun for some unsuspecting "victims" of a Jolly Ninjas attack. We're going to create a pop-up Jolly Ninjas marathon on a popular running trail, complete with a crepe paper finish line, a Jolly Ninjas banner, a crowd of cheering fans, runner numbers for participants, and bottles of water at the end. The goal here is to make people feel that their average everyday walk/run/jog is a much bigger accomplishment!
The race organizers are looking for some help, too. If you can do the following, hit them up on Facebook:
-Cheer on the participants to make them feel like they're finishing a REALLY big race -Hand out bottles of water -Hold the crepe paper finish line -Hold the Jolly Ninjas banner over the finish line -Join the participants as they run/walk/jog (always making sure they win, of course) We need at least 10 Jolly Ninjas to come out to pull off this Attack so please RSVP and add us to your calendar.