The reality of Will's Pub minus the smoking



Will's Pub wasn't just known for being one of the few remaining smoker-friendly venues in town - it was practically legendary for it. Until the bar went non-smoking on Jan. 1, you would walk into that place, and the smoke was practically the sexy hostess, rushing to greet you, clinging to your clothes and whispering in a husky voice that this was where you came to revel. For those who prefer a pub to be gritty and not dolled up with chic theming, the smoke was like a, um, smoke signal that you had found what you were looking for in a dive.

But now the smoking, at least, is no longer, and in the past week or so, when I've been in the bar, I've heard the range of reactions:

-What do you mean I can't smoke? I always smoke here.

-Fuck that.


-Oh, thank god, I can finally go back to Will's.

-What is Will thinking?

-Is there no god?

-Excuse me, but can I get an ashtray? What. Is there anywhere I can smoke?

The answer to that last one is, of course, yes. Will's Pub and Lil Indies have a porch that practically rivals Bar BQ Bar's in terms of people-watching the Mills dwellers, with a bunch of reggae-toned picnic tables, and a railing to keep you penned in and give you something to lean on. Smokers can enjoy the porch between beers or post up out there all night, but bar owner Will Walker is holding so firm on his decision to go non-smoking that he created a Facebook event to raise awareness and prevent the ice-water shock for smokers who are still muttering, say it ain't so, Joe.

So, the reality is: Will's Pub is now, in fact, a non-smoking bar. But like the sign says, that doesn't mean you won't find "cool people" there anymore. They'll just be a little cooler (during our 2-day winter) on the porch.

And inside? You can breathe again!