THE GIST: Links we love, Jan. 12


Culture links we love this week:

  • Meryl Streep has things to say about Walt Disney. Our film reviewer has things to say about Walt Disney. Our resident theme park-and-theater columnist consults Disney historian Jim Korkis, who has things to say about Walt Disney. Many people have things to say about what other people said about Walt Disney (see here; see also several straining-to-remain-civil threads on pretty much everybody's Facebook feed).

  • The New York Times profiles rising young African artists, focusing in particular on musician Bill Sellanga, and it's pretty uplifty. Sellanga was also part of our 2013 feature on OneBeat, the collaboration between the Bang on a Can Foundation and the State Department that was nurtured at New Smyrna's Atlantic Center of the Arts and featured, among its 25 fellows, five talented young African musicians: Sellanga (aka "Blinky Bill"), Kasiva Mutua, Biodun Kuti, Mpumelelo Mcati, and Toussa. Gorgeous photos here.

  • SPEARWATCH: Andrew Spear's latest O-town mural, going up at the corner of Mills and Lake Highland, is ¬†sponsored by Red Bull for their Wings2Walls project. DJ PARTIES TK, plus all the salty chartreuse energy bev you can guzzle.

I hope their recycling company takes cardboard.