Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission using dogs to sniff out Burmese pythons


Law enforcement agencies use dogs to sniff out bombs, drugs, missing people ... but only in Florida would a law-enforcement agency have to train a dog to sniff out illegal reptiles. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has trained a K-9 officer, a black Labrador retriever named Mag, to alert when she detects Burmese pythons, corn snakes and red-eared slider turtles. She works at airports and shipping facilities in south Florida to search for these animals, which are often imported into the state illegally to be sold as pets. Check out Maggie at work, below: The FWC also uses dogs to enforce fishing rules and regulations. K-9 Jasmine (German shorthair pointer) and K-9 Eddie (yellow Labrador retriever), below, are both trained to detect spiny lobsters. photo via FWC Flickr stream photo via FWC Flickr stream