I ate cactus and I liked it



The Organic Growers held their monthly meetup last night at Leu Gardens and the topic was about "Eating Cactus". Led by the adorable and super talented Kattya Graham and Katya Galbis (they have the same initials, are both from Mexico, and both named their daughters Isabella... #starcrossedfriendship), the room full of eager plant enthusiasts was indoctrinated into the world of Nopales or Prickly Pears.

Apparently cactus has been a part of South of America cultures for thousands of years. Clearly people eat them, but they can be used as fodder for livestock, treating polluted soil and if you throw them in a bucket full of water for a few weeks and add some lime you've got yourself some organic, locally made paint.

Check out my notes above on how to prepare and munch on some prickly pears at home. Kattya told me if you cut them in a certain way and throw them on the grill they curl up like claws, creating the perfect serving tray for some morbidly red pico de gallo and refried beans... I can't wait to try!