Oblivion Taproom: Revenge of the burgers



A badass tap room with equally badass food.

Tonight, Oblivion Taproom reveals what all its hungry (and thirsty) fans have been eagerly awaiting: their new menu. They've already teased us about what's to come with a picture on Facebook of their house-smoked bacon. My mouth is already watering.

I've been an Oblivion fan since before it even opened. I watched the sign go up and literally counted down the days until I could try it. Once open, it did not disappoint. The beer menu made this beer snob unbelievably giddy. The food menu satisfied both the high- and low-end foodies in me. I mean, come on, BLT sushi?!

When Chef Goody left last year, a silent tear ran down my cheek, because the house-made chips were gone, and, with them, the Hawaiian Raw Garlic topping. However, on my first visit with Chef Bruno at the helm, I was totally sold. The food was inventive and fun, and completely delicious. Bonus: There was dessert! Even bigger bonus: By my fifth Chef Bruno visit, the Hawaiian Raw Garlic had made its way back onto the menu as a tot topping.

Earlier this month, Oblivion announced that Chef Bruno would be leaving Oblivion, making way for Chef Bill. The big question on everyone's mind with the announcement was what changes the menu would be undergoing. Today, at 4 p.m., you can find out. 

Oblivion was awesome enough to give me a bit of a sneak peek this afternoon. I am over-the-moon happy to report that the Hawaiian Raw Garlic will be hanging around. The chips aren't coming back yet, but don't give up hope; they may be making an appearance in the future. (Especially if people keep asking for them every time they visit, like I do.) In other toppings news, Oblivion says that many of the items on the new menu will feature house-made beer mustard or beer cheese, made with one of the beers they have on draft.

Here is what Chef Bill and Oblivion Taproom promise, though: The burger is back. There will be nine, count 'em nine, fun burgers on the menu. It's what made them famous and it's time, once again, for burgers to reign supreme at Oblivion. Seriously, though, what goes better with beer than burgers?

Extra-super-mega bonus: Here's the menu!

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