The Caboose doubles in size, erects a stage



I ended up at the Caboose on Sunday, and it had been a while since I'd last visited the Ivanhoe dive, so it came as a complete surprise when I walked in and found it twice as big as I'd left it. It seems the Caboose expanded recently into the space next door, which meant a move for the pool table, the addition of a cozy new rounded booth and the biggest shock, for me, at least - a new stage.

From the looks of it, my guess was that the stage was intended for karaoke; however, I did a little online investigating and see now that they had a live hip-hop show on Jan. 17 and a regular reggae show on Wednesdays that all whizzed right by me without noticing. I promise the neglect was not intended! I am always stoked to see a new stage in town, and with the full liquor bar, the Caboose could actually be a super-attractive venue option for shows that inspire or require that extra layer of inebriation, so promoters, maybe take note?

Hate to say it, though, but the main attraction of the Caboose will always be Gunner, the German Shepherd regular patron whose undying love for a specific rock consistently outweighs my love for the musical variety.