Orlando Young Dem Ali Akin Kurnaz to live tweet from State of the Union tonight



Photo from Ali Akin Kurnaz's Facebook page

Ali Akin Kurnaz, state committeeperson for the Young Democrats of Orange County and Central Florida, is in Washington, D.C. tonight to see President Barack Obama deliver the State of the Union address in person. Kurnaz was selected to take part in the White House Social event, hosted at the White House, that allows the president's social media followers to watch the president's address, then meet with administration officials to discuss the speech. Using the hashtag #SOTUSocial, the participants will share their thoughts with their followers on social media.

Earlier today, Kurnaz was soliciting questions from his social media followers that they'd like to ask the president. He'll live Tweet those questions at the White House after the speech. Follow him on Twitter to suggest questions to him, or check the hashtag #SOTUSocial to see what all of the White House Social participants have to say about the State of the Union address tonight.

Selfies are social media, too.