Remember that time Winter Park was in a Super Bowl ad?



Well, it was only yesterday, you should remember. During a game that was painful for neutrals to watch, Winter Park made an appearance in a Budweiser ad that Jacki wrote about last month (plus Photos by Kristin Fowler).

It features a surprise welcome home parade for Army Lieutenant Charles Nadd, complete with a horse drawn carriage pulled by Budweiser's signature Clydesdales, one of two ads that the horses appeared in this year.

For what it's worth, here are the other ads that I thought did a good job:

Finally, somewhat surprisingly, I thought the Bob Dylan ad for Chrysler was actually really well done and not a moment of selling out. He wasn't selling us on the cars as much as the people who make the cars, which may just be a slick backdoor style of making it about the cars, but that's all right.