Finally, a cheeseburger that celebrates the Orlando Magic



Your move, Phoenix Suns.
  • Your move, Phoenix Suns.

Your move, Phoenix Suns.Allow us to introduce you to STUFF's Magic Burger, the latest menu item at Orlando's Planet Hollywood and the first cheeseburger (as far as we know) to salute the legacy of our city's NBA franchise. STUFF is of course the Orlando Magic dragony mascot, and it was his "monumental appetite" that helped birth this 10 ounce beef-based delectable. Planet Hollywood is insisting they "stuff" the burger with pepper jack, colby, and cheddar cheeses, and I'm sure they do, but there is nothing in the available literature to indicate specifically that what they're doing here is akin to Minnesota's famed "Juicy Lucy" burgers wherein molten cheese is literally encased within the meat patty and remains invisible until the first bite (Planet Hollywood brain trust, please feel free to clarify via snarky message in this article's comments!).

Cheese location pending, STUFF's Magic Burger is a fine-lookin' entrée, topped with iceberg lettuce, sliced tomato, red onion, and some dill pickles. The bun, as you can see, is also fashioned to look like a basketball, which is super fun and will probably prompt your uncle visiting from Toledo to say, "Ho ho, I'm going to slam dunk this right into my mouth! Nothing but net!" Also, please be aware that the Orlando Magic-themed potato chips seen in the photo are optional. You will not be burdened with artificial spuds if it conflicts with your lunching desires.

Now, let the petition begin to bring a Darryl Dawkins-themed menu item to Orlando. Perhaps a Chocolate Thunder From Planet Lovetron milkshake?