AMC Theaters hosts Oscar Best Picture marathon at two local theaters




In my post on Sunday, I gave out as many links to all of the Oscar nominated films that I could find. Some just didn't have any because they're still going strong in theaters. If you hold no regard for the short term comfort of your ass, and if you have a stout attention span (or an Adderall hook up [a legal one, please]), AMC has you covered with their annual Best Picture marathon.

Though some theaters are hosting the extreme 24 hour version of the marathon, Orlando is not one of those cities. Here, instead, the marathon is broken up into two parts over two weekends, with four and five films respectively.

Here is how it breaks down:

Saturday, Feb 22 ($30)

  • Philomena (98 mins), 12 noon
  • Dallas Buyers Club (117 mins), 2pm
  • The Wolf of Wall Street (180 mins), 4:15pm
  • 12 Years a Slave (134 mins), 8:15pm

Saturday, March 1 ($40)

  • Nebraska (110 mins), 12 noon
  • Captain Phillips (134 mins), 2:15pm
  • Her (126 mins), 4:45
  • American Hustle (138 mins), 7:55pm
  • Gravity (2D - 91 mins), 10:30pm

So, which theaters are showing the marathon?


  • Altamonte Mall 18
  • Downtown Disney 24

Tickets should be on sale at the box offices or on as of today.

The Oscars air March 2 on ABC at 7pm.