Vinyl collectors mourn: IKEA exes out the Expedit




Folks who collect records know that not just any shelf will do to handle the collective weight of your vinyl library. I've gone through all the requisite stages - milk crates, magazine racks, configurations of bricks and fiber board, etc. But nothing beats the economy and the sturdiness of IKEA's Expedit shelving series, with those idyllic, just-thick-enough wooden slats. Until now, that is - it seems IKEA is nixing this shelf series and replacing it with the Kallax, which is not just way less pleasant to say out loud but "features" thinner shelves in order to cut back on the costs for IKEA. I know that cheap is kinda your thing, you cut-rate Swedes, but you're causing some of us who were hoping to keep Expedit-ing as our collections grew to cry, cry, cry.

Looks like we're all gonna have to be expeditious about buying out the current stock before the Kallax falls?