Fake anti-gay groups – along with real anti-gay troops, Stemberger and Staver – pile on in Florida gay marriage case (legal docs inside)

As expected, today Family Florida Policy Council jerkwad John Stemberger and his Liberty Counsel buddy Mat Staver took a leap into the fray of the gay marriage legal challenge filed in Florida last month. BECAUSE THEY LIKE YOU. Anyway, we're not buying any of the bullshit they're flinging, especially with the milking of the minority angle that they tended to milk so effectively back in 2008 when they bullied Amendment 2, the gay marriage ban, into the constitution. The pair has enlisted intentionally fake-named hate groups – People United to Lead the Struggle for Equality and Florida Democratic League – along with their own "Action" arm to stage an intervention in the original Ruvin case, because what's a legal case without more confusion started by a grown man who likes to wear a beige Boy Scout uniform in order to remind you how much he hates gay people. Anyway, Watermark beat us to the punch on this one with a really good summary – read that here – because we were totally in a meeting. But, for service purposes, we've included the legal docs involved below, including the original response from Ruvin's office and the two filings today. It's important that you know how horrible these people are. Also, it's important to know that this move doesn't change anything (also, Attorney General Pam Bondi has yet to weigh in, so there's that). “It’s not surprising and it doesn’t change anything,” Nadine Smith, CEO of Equality Florida, told Watermark. “Their theatrics are irrelevant to the situation. We remain focused on getting our day in court and standing up for our spouses and our children.” Here, for your perusal, are the filings in full.  

ParetoAnswer and Affirmative Defense


Memorandum of Law