OW Oscarama -- Lights, camera, hair: Best Director




Since I'll be talking about all of these films again at length tomorrow between Best Actor/Actress and Best Film, I'm not going to bug you with too much except to say it's a pretty strong field nominated this year... but it's one of the categories that seems to have the least  suspense to it. It's both inevitable and right that Alfonso Cuaron win the award tomorrow.

The Nominees:

David O. Russell – American Hustle

Alfonso Cuarón – Gravity

Alexander Payne – Nebraska

Steve McQueen – 12 Years a Slave

Martin Scorsese – The Wolf of Wall Street

The Winner

Alfonso Cuaron for Gravity. Certain astrophysicists can say what they like about the scientific realities that the film missed, but it misses the point entirely. Cuaron corralled a lot of strange elements together for this film, and he did a lot of it without having much beyond a greenscreen to guide him. Yes, perhaps someone could have carried the film a bit better than Sandra Bullock, but I'm not sure anyone could have directed the film better than Cuaron did.