Did Thee Wilt Chamberlain's 'Breakfast at Taco Bell' song inspire fast food chain?




Hearts exploded when Taco Bell unveiled its new breakfast menu, which starts service March 27, but local visionaries and surf rockers Thee Wilt Chamberlain arguably knew it would happen all along.

Their prophetic song "Breakfast at Taco Bell" was released in July 2013 on Plays the Hits and features a dreamy surf-y soundtrack that they have now added to a, dare I say, moving slideshow of the taco chain's breakfast items we all can't wait to try:

Thee Wilt Chamberlain is one of my favorite local bands to catch out because their sets are light, fun and riff-y (and maybe cuz I have a thing for instrumental bands). If you liked their Taco Bell breakfast song combo, check out the full album now: