Want a two-bedroom apartment in Florida? 98 minimum wage hours per week, please!



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According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, minimum wage workers in Florida would have to work at least 98 hours per week in order to afford a two-bedroom apartment. That's more than two full-time jobs. Hell, that's two full time jobs and a part-time job.  Minimum wage in Florida is above the national average, at $7.79 per hour. At 40 hours, that's just over $300 per week.

Budgeting experts recommend that 30 percent of your earned income go toward your housing, which means that working full-time for minimum wage in Florida, you'd only be able to afford $390 per month. Anyone wanna cram a family into a studio apartment? Or, you know, rent a single room in a house somewhere?

We crunched some numbers for you:

  • Hours in a week: 168
  • Florida minimum wage hours needed to rent a two-bedroom apartment: 98
  • Hours per week left for sleeping, eating, spending time with your family, socializing and bathing: 70
  • Average hours per day you would be working: 14 (seven days a week)
  • Minimum hours of sleep recommended for adults per day: 7
  • After sleeping and working, hours left in a day to do everything else: 3

Florida is far from the worst state in regards to hours worked to apartment rent, though. That would be Hawaii, where you would have to work four full-time jobs plus 17 hours of part-time work per week in order to afford a two-bedroom apartment. In fact, nowhere in the U.S. can you work 40 hours a week and pay for a two-bedroom apartment. The closest is actually Puerto Rico, where you'd get by with 57 hours of work per week., followed by Montana at 69 hours.

Can anyone say minimum wage reform?