Shine Shed invites a limited audience to the Caress of Progress



It's one thing when Shine Shed is invited or inspired to bring their imaginative installations to an established lineup (like I'm told they will for Sun Araw's show in April), but it's a whole other story when the entire event springs from the fantasies of this local art collective. At 9 p.m. Friday, March 28 and Saturday, March 29, Shine Shed takes over the Space to create what they've called the Caress of Progress. (RSVP here)

To begin, they asked four local musicians - Frank Friend, Logan Quarles, Kasper, Afeefa & the Boy - to compose new music based on the theme of human progress. Original music, check. Now, their plan is to completely remodel the Space to change it into an interactive ride, with a host to guide you through the sets and what they've deemed illusions.

There will be storytelling, theatrics and spectacles aplenty, and there will only be four guided toursĀ (9 p.m., midnight each day) of max. 20 people each, before the Caress of Progress shuts down forever.