Vinyl garage sale returns to College Park this Saturday




If you live in College Park or drive around there on the weekends, you've likely noticed garage-sale signs advertising a record sale in the neighborhood. This used to happen frequently, and I have benefited a buncha times from this killer pop-up offering of quality vinyl, so much so that I signed up for the mailing list. (Email if you wanna get updates, too.) But the last email I received from vinyl garage saler Garry Postell (who showed us all how to shop for used vinyl here) was in October 2013, until I got this week's email, and my spirits lifted measurably to see he's resurrecting his efforts finally, and the next all vinyl garage sale happens 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, March 15 and then again on, same hours, on Sunday, March 16 at 46 E. Steele St. in College Park. (Call 407-538-3827 if you have questions, requests or need directions.)

According to his email, he just got in a mid-size '90s collection of indie and garage rock, along with a collection of 12-inch DJ disco, dance, old school/new school and lots of new 180-gram pressings, in addition to new metal, classic rock, Americana, punk, R&B, Latin, soundtracks, exotica, Jazz and, seriously, tons more. This is my favorite way to buy records in town, hands down.

Bonus: If you're an email subscriber, he's throwing a preview party tonight from 5-10 p.m., so hit your inbox hard in the next few hours to RSVP to get a shot at the new stuff before the n00bs flood the sale this weekend.