Surprise! Orlando bars will be busy on St. Paddy's Day!



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Just in from the obvious department, the Orlando Business Journal is reporting that local bars will be busier than normal on St. Patrick's Day. No big surprise really, since, according to Time magazine, St. Patrick's Day is the No. 2 drinking day of the year, right behind amateur night, er, New Year's Eve. Despite the Irish holiday falling on a weekday this year, 55 percent of consumers said a case of the Mondays won't deter them from celebrating. Orlando St. Patrick's day celebrations have been underway since Wednesday, and, if reports from News Channel 13 are to be believed, this St. Patrick's Day weekend has been pretty chaotic already.

The National Retail Federation predicts that, in the United States alone, St. Patrick's Day celebrations will bring in about $4.8 billion. Billion! That's a lot of green beer. The NRF doesn't attribute all of those billions to beer alone, though. The $4.8 billion includes clever St. Paddy's Day T-shirts, decorations, corned beef and cabbage, and, of course, beer, both green and otherwise. About 80 percent of Americans says they are celebrating St. Paddy's day by doing the bare minimum and wearing green. How do you plan to celebrate tonight? Hitting your favorite Orlando Irish spot? Getting down with some corned beef and cabbage? Drinking a tasty Guinness?