New jazz pop-up show series kicks off at East End Market



Hoping to co-opt the the vibrant musical atmospheres easily encountered in New Orleans, where street buskers are everywhere, local show producer Joseph Hayes has launched a new series: Jazz on Edge Unplugged. The first pop-up performance features Nicole Omat 6 p.m. Friday, March 21 at East End Market. (RSVP)

There will be eight shows total in this series, which was funded by the Awesome Foundation, which could be something that other local artists may want to look into for creative events funding. The goal is for the shows to happen unexpectedly, in a space you wouldn't expect, so don't be surprised if you find yourself unwittingly attending - that's part of the fun! From the Facebook event: "Encompassing eight different locations, I will place amazing talents in unexpected places, record a song and view of the city with highly portable digital equipment, and then pack up. The resulting videos will go online for the world to see and will be featured during upcoming Jazz On Edge shows."

Awesome foundation, indeed, embrace these shows if you happen upon them, and I'll share the videos when I see them post! Now we just need someone to open the Orlando version of Cafe Du Monde.